Best Budgeting Apps of 2023

Check out these easy to use apps to help control your budget and hack your way to wealth!
Managing Money, Made Simple
  • All Your Accounts, All in One Place
  • Keep Your Cash Flow Crystal Clear
  • Bill Negotiation
Rocket Money
The Money App That Works for You
  • Get Control Over Your Subscriptions
  • Stay on Top of Your Spending
  • Put Your Savings on Autopilot
Wave App
Manage Your Money Like a Boss
  • A User-Friendly Dashboard Built for You, Not Your Accountant
  • A Complete Picture of Your Financial Health, Wherever You Are
  • Peace of Mind That You Are Always Organized Ahead of Tax Season
Meet Your Goals with Personalized Financial Advice
  • Link Accounts, Simulate and Plan Your Retirement Success
  • Talk to an Advisor About Your Current Investment Strategy
  • Will Help You Build a Personalized Portfolio That Is Tailored to Your Goals
Pocket Guard
Take Full Control of Your Finances
  • All Accounts & Transactions in One Place
  • Schedule All Your Recurring Expenses
  • Review Your Cash Flow & Grow Net Worth
Budget For the Life You Really Want
  • Find an Average of an Extra $332 Hiding in Plain Sight
  • Cut Your Monthly Expenses by an Average of 9%
  • Try it Free

What Do Budgeting Apps Do?

Budgeting apps bestow individuals and households the ease of ability to effectively manage finances through quite innovative features and capabilities.  Below are a few of the biggest reasons why we think they are so beneficial.

  • Expense Tracking: These apps categorize transactions from various financial accounts, providing a comprehensive view of spending habits and opportunities to reduce costs, in general.

  • Budget Creation/Monitoring: Users can personalize budgets based on their income and expenses, set spending limits, and receive alerts to avoid overspending.

  • Goal Setting: Budgeting apps allow setting savings goals and tracking progress, motivating all of us to save for specific purposes, such as a house, a car, etc., etc.

  • Financial Analysis: You can generate reports and charts for valuable insights into spending, income trends, and savings behavior.  All that enables well-informed financial decisions.

  • Bill Payment Reminders: Some apps offer reminders to ensure timely bill payments, avoiding late fees and improving your overall credit score.  Plus, this tool is a nice peace of mind.

  • Device Synchronization: Many apps sync across devices, allowing access to financial information anywhere, making it convenient for budget checks and payments when you are on the go.

Taking control of your finances with budgeting apps can be an amazing feeling.  It puts you back in the proverbial driver’s seat of your finances.  Track spending, create budgets, set savings goals, and gain a better understanding of your financial situation when you employ the abilities of these apps.

How Much Do Budgeting Apps Cost?

Budgeting apps come with a range of pricing options, influenced by factors such as features, functionality, platform compatibility, and support.

Free budgeting apps offer basic tools like expense tracking and budget creation, while premium apps typically require a subscription fee to unlock some advanced features (e.g., goal tracking, investment monitoring, etc., etc.).Subscription prices can vary from a few dollars per month to higher annual fees, catering to different budgets.

Some apps are designed exclusively for specific platforms, while others provide cross-platform compatibility, allowing users to access their finances from pretty much all their devices.

Customer support levels may also differ, with premium apps often offering priority assistance.  When selecting a budgeting app, it is important to consider your financial goals, what your requirements may be, and your available budget.  Free apps can be suitable for simple needs, while premium apps provide more comprehensive functionality and customization options, too.

Carefully evaluate the features and benefits offered by each app to determine if the cost justifies the value provided for your specific financial mgmt. needs.  Ultimately, finding the right budgeting app at the right price can significantly contribute to your financial organization, financial success, and definitely your financial peace of mind.

How Do You Find the Best Budgeting Apps?

Finding the best budgeting apps can be a daunting task, but a few key steps can help you identify the ideal app that will adequately meet (or exceed) your financial goals.

Start by determining your requirements.  Do you need a simple app for expense tracking or a comprehensive solution with goal setting and investment tracking?  Knowing your needs will narrow down your options.

Next, research and read reviews from reputable sources.  Pay attention to all the user feedback and ratings.  This way, you can better gauge the app's reliability and the overall user experience it provides.

Consider the app's functionality and user interface.  A good budgeting app should be intuitive, easy to navigate, and offer clear visuals and helpful tools.  Look for syncing capabilities across devices and platforms for easy access to your financial data.  Basically, ask yourself if the budgeting app passes the “mom test,” meaning your mom could figure out the app’s user interface with zero help from you; this is a great little method to aid you in determining the ease of use of pretty much…well, anything.

Security is another crucial element.  Choose apps that prioritize data encryption, password protection, and two-factor (or multiple-factor) authentication.

Cost is another variable that should certainly be thoughtfully considered.  While many budgeting apps offer free versions, premium versions may provide advanced features, some of which you will want and others that you may not.  Evaluate the value you will likely receive and determine if the cost is justified.

Check compatibility with your financial institutions, too.  Some apps integrate with banks and credit cards for automatic transaction tracking.  Some do not.  But, most of the time, this is one of those add-on features that comes with the paid-for premium version of budgeting apps.

Explore additional features that enhance your overall budgeting experience, such as bill reminders, goal setting, debt tracking, and expense categorization.  These may be something that is essential for you to even give a budgeting app a second look; it just depends on your own personal style of budgeting style and what you already excel at/need improvement on.

Then just compile a shortlist of top budgeting apps that meet your criteria and consider their pros and cons.  If possible, try free versions or trial periods for a firsthand experience.  You can always upgrade later, of course.

By following these steps, you can find a budgeting app that aligns with your financial goals, offers a user-friendly experience, prioritizes security, and fits your budget.  Choose an app that helps you take control of your finances effectively!


To choose the best budgeting apps of 2023, we used several important factors.  And we looked at a plethora of different budgeting apps, as well (over 25 of them, in total).  We looked at key aspects, such as cost, customer service, customer reviews, device diversity (i.e., phone, tablet, web, etc.), operating system diversity (i.e., Android, Mac, Windows, etc.), quality of tools offered, quantity of tools offered, security, software update frequency, and, most importantly, how the user interface translates to the user experience.  Our main goal was to identify features and benefits that would reduce costs and increase cash flow for customers who desire a convenient and straightforward budgeting experience.  And, most of all, one that would most likely improve the end user’s overall opinions about interacting with their budgeting app of choice.

1.  Mint

With Mint, you have the ability to access your complete financial life in one powerful app. Mint allows you to connect all your accounts effortlessly, from cash and credit to loans and investments. Stay on top of your finances with spending, balances, budgets, and credit score monitoring. Receive timely notifications for increasing subscription costs and upcoming bill due dates…and much, much more.

  • Account aggregation
  • Control and track budget
  • Bill payment reminders
  • Access to sensitive data
  • Limited customer support
2.  Rocket Money

Rocket Money gives you a seamless analysis of your financial situation, allowing you to better understand your spending patterns and discover areas that need improvement. The Rocket Money system will keep you informed about significant events that require your attention, ensuring you are always prepared and never caught unprepared.

  • User friendly interface
  • Secure encryption
  • Tracks and categorizes expenses
  • Paid subscription for full features
  • Charges high fee for negotiating on your behalf
3.  Wave App

Use Weave to effortlessly manage your earnings and expenditures while still maintaining all-inclusive financial clarity. Keep a close eye on your cash flow, stay well organized, and bid farewell to the worries of tax season, too. Embrace a hassle-free approach toward your financial records and leave behind the days of relying on spreadsheets and shoeboxes…without a single regret.

  • Free to use
  • Lots of customizable options with templates
  • Unlimited invoicing
  • Add multiple users
  • Lack of good API options
  • Support fees
4.  Empower

Using Empower will give you a clear understanding of your complete financial landscape and assume command over your expenditures, budgeting, and preparations for retirement…all at no cost. Connect your accounts to consolidate your information and employ simulation tools to strategize for a chilled-out, successful retirement. Engage in meaningful discussions with an advisor who will then assess your existing investment approach and aid in constructing a customized portfolio that aligns precisely with your objectives. All of this (and more) with Empower.

  • Great user interface
  • Money management tools
  • Offers free investment advice
  • Charges $8/mo
  • No manual transaction edits
  • Advances smaller than average
5.  Pocket Guard

PocketGuard empowers you to simply manage your finances, optimize expenses, and enhance your savings. Connect your banks, credit cards, loans, and investments in one place for easy tracking of balances and net worth. You can also consolidate assets and debts for a comprehensive overview of things. Plus, PocketGuard acts as a vigilant fraud detector once your bank account is linked. With PocketGuard, you have got it all.

  • Syncs with accounts from most banks
  • Create personalized reports
  • Build your own budgets and goals
  • Free version is limited
  • Not as many reviews as competitors
6.  Everydollar

EveryDollar offers a wide range of budgeting tools that are designed to optimize your financial resources. This comprehensive platform enables you to efficiently manage your money, enhancing organization, planning, and ultimately boosting your financial confidence in a big way. By utilizing EveryDollar, you can effectively eradicate money-related anxieties and pave the way for a stress-free financial future.

  • Offers free trial for premium
  • Robust platform to track and manage budgets
  • Premium expense tracking
  • Free version is very basic
  • No credit monitoring solutions
  • Can't track investments